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DMT Center

Dmt Training Centre has full accredited consultants and training providers, as per seta regulations and as requite.

Local and foreign companies are taking advantage of the country's growing transport sector and they are over looking the training part of it. The benefits of a training in the industry is clear, especially when it comes to sustainability and to develop a Career in the sector.

Amending Processes as the need arises to reflect current practice and the requirements of the clients.

We have ensured that DMT improves its service delivery by using latest technology in the market, DMT have to partner with various academic institutions. DMT also aims at providing a platform for in-service training students to complete their qualifications.

We provide safe and regulated accommodations to all of our students, a value for money with proper security personnel in place.

At DMT the management team pledges to a system for receiving, recording, analysing and taking corrective actions on all non-conformities or complaints pointed out by our customers. Customer complaints are entertained through corrective and preventive action process.